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Me and son Matt - a slight resemblance                  Daisy - Lab Assistant and shop security

  In my “previous life” as a moldmaker I learned to use my imagination to build molds and dies for scale model (toy) trucks. We’d start with a sketch and some blocks of steel and my boss Ron would say, “All we’ve got to do is cut everything out of there that doesn’t look like a toy truck.”  If everything went as planned, when the die was done we’d inject molten zinc into it and out would pop parts for a toy truck.

  Using that advice and my imagination, along with a computer and torch, I now create decorative and functional art for your home, office and garden.

   I’m constantly coming up with new ideas but if you have something else in mind, custom work is available.  I can take your photo, file, idea or cocktail napkin sketch and turn it into something no one else has…something different …from

Finger Lakes Metalcraft  

Thanks for your interest,

Lee Bracy

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required."  Winston Churchill


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